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This is the place to get detailed information on how to install and setup your products. We recommend you read the section that is relevant very carefully. If the help is not working for you, then you are free to contact us either in the Chat or in the Contact section.

Please use the filters here below to filter the articles to the product you need help with.

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Routing (offline) in OruxMaps

Routing is the ability to let the device make a route between two locations using roads and paths. This option is deeply rooted in Garmin...

POI Search (offline) in OruxMaps

You can add a powerful search capability into your OruxMaps app, similar to the search option in Garmin GPS. This search is using POI...

Configuring OruxMaps

Now that you have installed the necessary files to your Android device, it's time to start the OruxMaps app and configure it to your...

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