Garmin version 2021.20

Garmin version 2021.20

Installs directly onto your Garmin™ device. Includes Routable roads, Address search, Points-of-Interest and more.



  • Installer to install the map directly to attached Garmin™ device
  • IMG file to manually install the map to a Garmin™ device


Note: The files are compressed in one 178 MB large ZIP file, so we recommend to download it to a computer.

  • Updates in this version

    • Patreksfjörður: All buildings added and all roads updated
    • Tálknafjörður: All buildings added and all roads updated
    • Bíldudalur: All buildings added and harbour modified
    • Bolungarvík: All buildings added and all roads updated + avalance barriers
    • Hnífsdalur: All buildings added and all roads updated
    • Súðavík (South part): All buildings added and all roads updated
    • Helliðsheiði: Road changed to double lane highway
    • A second marked walking path to the eruption sites in Geldingadalur
    • Úlfarsárdalur: Buildings updated and new road names
    • Garðabær: New buildings around "Strikið"
    • Mosfellsbær: New industrial building added
    • Vesturlandsvegur: House numbers added to all buildings East side
    • Dyrhólavegur: Road updated wth new connection to Ring Road
    • Landvegamót: New roundabout next to shop
    • Hveragerði and Selfoss: Double laned highway between towns
    • Vík: Updated roads and buildings
    • 310 Votmúlavegur updated south of Selfoss
    • Keflavík/Njarðvík: Added new house outlines
    • Keflavík: New streets (Lautir)
    • Garður: New street added (Þrastarland)
    • Small road addition to Iceland Center Point
    • New "Valshverfi" neighbourhood updated
    • Suðurlandsvegur next to Rauðavatn fixed
    • Vífilsstaðavegur: New roundabout
    • Bæjarbraut Garðabæ: Roundabouts updated
  • Copyright Disclaimer

    © - Ívar Kjartansson
    © National Land Survey of Iceland (Landmælingar Íslands)
    © Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (Vegagerðin)
    © LUKR (Landupplýsingakerfi Reykjavíkur)
    © (Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg): Crevasee Maps
    © OpenStreetMap contributors: Portion of Hiking paths
    And many other contributers in their public and official capacity