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Faroe Map: Welcome
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New product available now! is proud to present a brand new high quality map product of Faroe Islands.

We have produced high quality maps of Iceland since 2011 for both Android devices, Garmin devices and MapSource. We make at least two updated versions each year for our products. Besides maps we also offer HD Hillshade for all our solutions.

We are now offering Android version and HD Hillshade for Android which you can download immediately. Soon to come is a Garmin version and HD Hillshade for Garmin in the coming months.



The map is a garmin compatible format that works with Android application called OruxMaps. With that installed you just need to install the map file and HD hillshade files into your devices. You can install in all your personal Android devices.


  • Shoreline of all of the Faroe Islands

  • Roads and tunnels with names

  • Walking/Hiking paths

  • Elevation data (20m)

  • Hillshade

  • Buildings (private and commercial)

  • Town names

  • House numbers

  • Mountains

  • Waterfalls

  • Place names

  • Lakes and rivers

  • Airports

  • Land features (forest, grass, wetlands, farmed, city parks, sporting areas etc)

  • Ferry paths


With HD Hillshade for Android you get much sharper hillshade than the one included with the Android version. The pixel density is 16 times higher and of much better quality. Add this product to be able to visualize elevation changes and terrain better than ever. Also fully supports the 3D View option in OruxMaps for true 3D Experience. This product does not include map of Faroe Islands.

Faroe Map: List
Faroe Map: Pro Gallery


Purchase and download your product immediately here.

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Faroe Map: Product Gallery
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