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Installing the map into MapSource

Updated: Feb 23

After you purchase the MapSource version of our map you will have downloaded a ZIP file. Please start by extracting the ZIP file by right clicking the file and select Extract all... (or similar). After the ZIP file has been extracted, open the folder that was created next to it. You will see these 3 items:

IMPORTANT: Before you can install the map you must have MapSource already installed. If you do not, you can read the article on how to install MapSource here.

Make sure MapSource is not running in the background when you run the installer. Double click the " 2021.10 for MapSource Installer.exe" (or similar). Go though the install wizard step by step. The install should be done very quickly.

Note: If nothing happens when you run the installer, right-click the EXE file and select properties. You may need to press "Unblock" button there to be able to run the EXE file.

After the install is done, you can run MapSource and if you do not see the map right away select:

View > Switch to Product > Íslandskort

We recommend also for the best experience to select:

View > Map detail > Highest

That's it. Now it is installed and ready for use.


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