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Configuring OruxMaps

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Now that you have installed the necessary files to your Android device, it's time to start the OruxMaps app and configure it to your liking. We hope these directions will help you to get the best possible experience.

First take a look at some icons that will be mentioned in the description below:

When you start OruxMaps the first thing to do is change the interface to Advanced.

  1. Press the "Hamburger icon" on the top left. A drawer should appears from the left

  2. Press the "Cog wheel icon" to open global settings

  3. Uncheck "Unified Interface" and press the back button

Open our offline map.

  1. Press the "Map icon" on top of the screen and select "Switch map"

  2. Then press "Offline"and you should see our maps listed. If not, press the "Refresh icon" on top

  3. You can select either one of the provided maps and it should open. Note: In the future you do the same to switch between the the 4 different version that of our map product

After you have opened the map for the first time it might look strange and not pleasing to look at. You can fix that with few simple settings.

  1. Press the Map icon and select "Maps settings"

  2. Check the "Apply hill shadows" to see shaded mountains to add depth to the map

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on "Garmin maps settings"

  4. Check the following options:

    1. Use antialiasing (unless you have an older slower device)

    2. Mercator projection

    3. Show Poi labels

    4. Show Polygon labels

    5. Show Line labels

  5. Uncheck the following options:

    1. Waypoint labels background

    2. Polygon labels background

    3. Line labels background

  6. Adjust the font size in Letter size to your liking. Try 11 or 12

  7. Adjust Cache size (Mb) to minimize redraw of the map and increase performance

After changing settings they might not appear right away. To force a redraw:

  1. Press the Map icon and select "Maps settings"

  2. Select "Reset raster cache"

If your map looks distorted horizontally you can fix it by doing this:

  1. Press the "Map icon" and select "Maps settings" -> "Garmin maps settings", make sure that "Mercator projection" is selected

  2. Press "Back button" on your device twice to get to the map again

  3. Press the "Map icon" and select "Switch map" and click the "Refresh icon" on top of the page

  4. Select a different map product from the list than you are currently using to force a redraw

  5. The map should now be with correct proportions. To go back to the original map product click the "Map icon" and select "Switch map" and select your original map product from the list

That's it. You can play with these settings to suit your preference.


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