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POI Search (offline) in OruxMaps

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

You can add a powerful search capability into your OruxMaps app, similar to the search option in Garmin GPS. This search is using POI data from OpenStreetMap data, giving you a very powerful search capability. This data is not the same as in our Garmin version.

Install and configure

  1. Download this POI file:

  2. Place the POI file to this approximate location: "Android\data\com.orux.oruxmapsDonate\files\oruxmaps\mapfiles\"

  3. Press the Map icon and select "Maps settings > Mapsforge settings"

  4. Click on "Default POI Offline database". This will bring up a selection box from your "mapfiles" folder where you placed the POI file. Check next to the iceland.poi file and press OK

How to add a Search button to the screen

  1. Press the three line button on the top-left and press the cogwheel on the top

  2. In the settings menu go to "User Interface > Buttons > Buttons bar"

  3. Find the icon in the bottom half (you can scroll to the sides). The icon is of a magnifying glass with a map inside (see image below)

  4. After selecting that icon, press either blue arrows to add the button to the left or right side

  5. Save by pressing the check mark top right

NOTE: You are not required to add the button. You can select "Search in map (offline)" in the Waypoint menu.

How to use the search

  1. Press the Search button (you added in the last step)

  2. Type the keyword you are searching for (if empty it will show all results in selected categories)

  3. If you select a category below, like Address, Places, Shop etc. it will only search in those categories. If you do not select a category it will search in all the categories

  4. If data is found it will display the results which you can scroll through. When you find the one you are interested in click on it and you will get three options: (1) Create Waypoint, (2) Show on map, (3) Direct to. Press "Show on map" to just see the location on the map

  5. To get driving directions, I recommend not to select "Direct to", but instead select "Create Waypoint" first. Then click the Waypoint icon and press the bubble with the label to bring up the Waypoint data page. Press the second button from the right on the bottom to get driving directions. Select "Search route to using: GraphHopper (offline)". You'll need GraphHopper offline installed. See this blog: If you don't have the offline version installed, you can select an online version.

NOTE: By default the search will only return result in the current view in the map. To search in the whole map, click the "Ignore boundingbox" switch.

Instead of clicking on a single entry in the result list, you can click the overlay button in the top-right to show all these results on the map at once in a new overlay.


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