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Installing map to Garmin Overlander from a Mac

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Here are directions on how to install our Garmin map to the Garmin Overlander on a Mac computer.

1. Close Garmin Express

2. Press Command+Space Bar and type “Activity Monitor” to start Activity Monitor

3. Close any “Garmin” processes

4. Download and start “Android File Transfer”

5. Power on the Overlander (or other Android-based Garmin navigator)

6. In Android File Transfer find the “Garmin” folder, and then the “Map” folder

7. Drag the Iceland gmapsupp.img file into the “Map” folder. If a gmapsupp.img file already exists, change the Iceland one to gmapsupp1.img

8. On the Overlander, go to Tools > Settings > Navigation > Map and Vehicle > myMaps and ensure that “Íslandkort …” is on the list and checked

Directions donated by Dane Oleson.


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