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Map Legends

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Here is an overview of what different components look like and their meaning.






Major Highway

60-90 km/h

Main Interstate like roads. The Ring Road and Main Roads in cities. With 1-4 lanes of traffic.

Principal Highway

50 km/h

Main connecting roads in cities. Usually 1-2 lanes of traffic.

Collector Road

40-50 km/h

​Connecting roads, usually not ending in a dead end.

Traffic Roundabout

30 km/h

Traffic roundabouts with 1-2 lanes of traffic.

Residential Street

30 km/h

Residential streets in neighborhoods. Usually a dead end streets. Drive carefully as there are usually people and children around.


20 km/h

​Alleyway is usually not a road but a minor alleyway that is a private road or a path through parking areas.

​Unpaved road

40-80 km/h

​A good quality unpaved road. Usually well maintained and passable by all cars.

F1 Unpaved Road

30 km/h

Trails - Slow road, passable by all public traffic in summer. Large streams and rivers are bridged. These roads are often closed in winter due to snow and mudslides during that time.

F2 Unpaved Road

20 km/h

​Trails - Poor road, passable by four-wheel drive cars, very powerful passenger cars and jeeps. Streams and small rivers are NOT bridged. Often closed in winter due to snow and mud.

F3 Unpaved Road

10 km/h