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Installing the Android version into OruxMaps

Updated: May 8, 2021

After you have purchased the Android™ version, you click the DOWNLOAD button to download a ZIP file. We recommend you download the ZIP file to a computer (not directly to a mobile or tablet). This is because you need to extract the ZIP file and move the content to the correct location on the device.

After you extract the ZIP file, you will have a folder called " 2021.10 Android" (or similar). Inside are two other folders:

(a) "MAPS - Add content to MAPFILES folder".

(b) "HILLSHADE - Add content to DEM folder".

NOTE: Before you install the data to the device you have to install OruxMaps™. You can download it for free here or the donate version on Google Play™ here.

Now it's time to install the files to you Android™ device. We start by connecting the device to your computer (keep device unlocked during this). When you open the device in File Explorer you will usually either only see a Phone folder or Phone and Card folder. By default it is installed in the Phone folder. Open the folder and you should see a folder named "OruxMaps".

Put all the MAPS content (the files, not the folder itself) into a folder called "mapfiles".

Put all the HILLSHADE content (the files, not the folder itself) into a folder called "DEM".

That's it. Now it is installed and you can disconnect the device and launch OruxMaps™.

To see recommendation on how to configure OruxMaps™ find the relevant blog here.

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