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2024.10 for Android

2024.10 for Android

Get the Android version of our map of Iceland onto all of your Android devices (phone or tablet). It is designed to be used in the OruxMaps app, available in Google Play.

The map is based on the same map as our Garmin version except this version has additional data for benches, traffic lights, trash bins and recycle bins in the Greater Reykjavik area.



  • Map with all information (Detailed)
  • Map without text on height contours and houses and only with important POI's (Focused)
  • Two variants of the above maps with special higlighted F-Roads for experienced traveller on a well equipped vehicle
  • Hillshade files to add depth to the look of the map


Note: The files are compressed in one 357 MB large ZIP file, so we recommend to download it to a computer and manually install the files to attached Android device.


Read help:

  1. Installing the Android version (OruxMaps)
  2. Configuring OruxMaps
  • Updates in this version

    • All recent lava fields have been mapped in the Reykjanes peninsula (including Jan. 14th 2024)
    • Seyðisfjörður - All buildings added and roads updated
    • Eskifjörður - All buildings added and roads updated
    • Fáskrúðsfjörður - All buildings added and roads updated
    • Grindavík - New building and roads added
    • Selfoss - New buildings and roads added
    • Kópavogur, Naustavör - Road and parking lots updated near new buildings
    • Egilsstaðir - Airport strip lengthened
    • Höfn í Hornafirði - Small road changes
    • Vestmannaeyjar - Small road changes
    • Keflavíkurflugvöllur - Airport area increased and updated in general
    • New buildings added all over the capital regeon
    • Garðabær - New road Njarðargrund
    • Smáralind - New road Silfursmári and buildings
    • Vogar - New roads and buildings added
    • Skeiðará bridge moved , also Súla moved
    • More building added in Hafnarfirði (Dofrahella and Borgahella)
    • Akureyri - Krossanesbryggja harbour enlarged
    • Ísafjörður - Harbour enlarged
    • Reykjavíkurflugvöllur - Unused airstrip demarked as airstrip
    • Þorlákshöfn - New houses and roads (Þurárhraun and Núpahraun)
    • Hveragerð - New suburb with buildings and roads (Finnmörk)
    • Keflavík - New roundabout at Borgarbraut
    • Hella - New streets and buildings added
    • Road 208 Skaftártunguvegur - New road out from Ring road and new bridge
    • Road 221 Sólheimajökulsvegur modified
    • Road 44 Borgarfjarðarvegur - Added pavement section next to Lagarfljót
    • Road 931 Upphéraðsvegur - Added pavement section
    • Road 264 Rangárvallavegur - Added pavement section
    • Road 271 Árbæjarvegur - Added pavement section
    • Road 272 Bjallavegur - More pavement section
    • And other exclusive undocumented features
  • Included Files

    Included with this purchase are 4 different versions of the map and basic hillshade files.

    • Detailed Map
    • Focused Map
    • F-Road Special Detailed Map
    • F-Road Special Focused Map
    • Hillshade files


    What is the difference between the files?


    Detailed Map - Has everything!

    Focused Map - Designed to be less cluttered and shows less indormation than the detailed map:

    • No height elevation numbers
    • No house numbers on buildings
    • No text on some other polygons as well
    • No labels on Powerlines
    • All secondary POI's are removed with only the most important ones showing

    F-Road Special - Changes the colors of all the roads for people who want to get better view when driving on bad unpaved roads:

    • All paved roads are gray
    • The best quality unpaved roads are brown
    • F1 class umpaved roads are yellow
    • F2 class unpaved roads are orange
    • F3 class unpaved roads (worst quality paths) are red

    Hillshade - The basic package for hillshade giving depth to mountains and valleys. For much better quality, see HD Hillshade in the store.

  • Extras in Android version

    • With additional data for benches, traffic lights, trach bins and recycle bins in the Greater Reykjavik area.
  • Copyright Disclaimer

    © - Ívar Kjartansson
    © National Land Survey of Iceland (Landmælingar Íslands)
    © Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (Vegagerðin)
    © LUKR (Landupplýsingakerfi Reykjavíkur)
    © (Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg): Crevasee Maps
    © OpenStreetMap contributors: Portion of Hiking paths and Roads
    And many other contributers in their public and official capacity

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